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Sexy Gifts for Couples

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When you are in a relationship it is important to show your appreciation, and we know a special sexy gift may help to show that.  So here is a little guide to help you get the perfect gift: 

1. Couples who are starting their relationship:

If you want to give your partner some unforgettable kisses  then the Play Lipgloss is the way to go. This  lipgloss will make your partner feel a warming sensation anywhere you kiss.

2. Workaholic Couples:

Instant gratification best describes the World's First Vibrating Diamond. Great for both female and male pleasure. This is a luxury that wont cost your whole paycheck.

3. Distance relationship:

Keeping intimacy alive in a long distance relationship can be a challenge, but with a interactive man masturbator  you feel closer than ever. Through a controlled and secure application you give access to your partner to see you in the camera and to control the movements of the toy.

4.Organic Couples:

For couples who love everything organic and natural is already available the first biodegradable vibrator! Have your orgasms with a green conscience. Do not forget to add the organic lubricant with the USDA seal that you will love!

5. Gamers: 

If your partner loves games then you can take the play into  this quadrilateral. Definetly a more erotic game than usually but I bet he is  ready to move to the next level and step up his game. Combine it with our massage oils to make it more fun!

There are plenty more gift ideas for couple inside the catalog, a whole category actually. You may also email us or call us for an expert opinion. 


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