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Whether you are a health professional, sexologist, sex educator, student, health coach, sex blogger, product consultant, cosmetics influencer, lingerie model, or just someone who is confident to talk about sex topics, you can now have the opportunity to earn while being a #sexfluencer.  


  • Must be 18 or older

  • Must have a paypal account

  • Must be able to fill a W-9  Form

  • Must have social media presence

  • Must participate in a 5 minute video call for approvalYou could be a good educational resource to your community by becoming a #sexfluencer.  A #sexfluencer knows there is a fine line between being vulgar and being a responsible influencer for your audience.  Your followers trust you and you should be able to give them value and good content. 

Benefits of Joining as a #sexfluencer:

 - 20% off on products

- No shipping required

-No inventory required

-No minimum monthly buy

-Sexual health educational training

-20% sales commission

- Exclusive code for your followers gets them a Free Gift on order

- You can choose what products to promote

- No multi level or recruiting  

- Increase your network

-Explore your sexuality and try new products

For just $19.95 /yr you can become a #sexfluencer of our community.  You will receive  educational information on intimacy products, special discounts and exclusive event invitations.

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