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For The Love Of Dom

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Valentine's Day is this month and we want to encourage our Fem's to take control on their sexuality.  We want you to show who is in charge in the bedroom, or wherever you like to have sex. 

For the Love of Dom is a great set for BDSM beginners or just for a Fem that wants to have some fun with her partner.  So if you are looking for something different to do this Valentine's Day and want to add some fantasy to your relationship then you should definitely try this set.  

So this set includes a sheer dress with lace trim, attached garters and thigh-high sheer stockings  made of 100 percent Nylon. You can choose it size color Red or  Black, queen size or one size fits all.  The queen size fits 16-20. Cup: D/DD. Bust: 40"-54". Waist: 36"-44". Hip: 42"-56". Inseam: 36.5". Rise: 9"-9.5". Weight: 165-275lbs.The one size fits Cup B/C; Bust 32"-38"; Waist 24"-32"; Hip 34"-40"; Inseam 35"; 90-160lbs. You can accessorize  with the adjustable, with 5 snaps, Master collar that can fit almost any size. In case your partner needs to literally know who is in charge. 

Also be prepare to act out your deepest desires and even dosome  role-playing while  you're in control of your subject, so you decide what you want to do, have No Mercy!  The Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Series Sub & Dom kit includes everything you need to be humbly served as you are the  master! This will help you explore your dominant and submissive fantasies. What happens next is up to you! The Kit Includes: 2 Nylon Tethers with Velvet Cuffs, 1 Velvet Love Leash with Slave Collar, and 2 Candles.

Now this is my favorite item of the set: the Extreme Silicone Cock Blocker! This will  put your lover on lock-down! Fasten the lock, hide the key and make sure your partner keeps his cock where it belongs! This high-end chastity cage is made from our body-safe, phathalate-free Elite Silicone and is designed for comfortable long-term wear. The chastity device is lightweight, flexible, and breathable, but once the lock is applied, your subject can't get hard no matter how aroused they are! The Extreme Silicone Cock Blocker features a sturdy stainless steel adjustable ring that wraps around your subject's entire package, leaving his shaft locked inside the breathable silicone sleeve. With unparalleled comfort, this ventilated silicone chastity cage is the ultimate chastity device for first-timers and serious fetish enthusiasts alike. Enjoy the thrill of locking your lover up, or relinquish control and hand over the keys! The silicone cage is easy to wash, body-safe and super hygienic. The vent holes allow you to clean your subject's package while they still wear the cage, and the ring is made from high grade stainless steel. The silicone sleeve has a small pee-hole to assist urination, and the entire device can be worn under clothing for amazing one-of-a-kind thrills! I promise this will be fun! 

And finally you get a black vinyl paddle with BABY design,12 inch handle allows for more power behind the spanking. Wrist strap keeps paddle in place. This will surely leave a great impression on your partner. If you know what I mean! 

So get ready for a great Valentine's Day with this Set then tell us all about it. 




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