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SenseMax SenseTube

SenseTube. A vibrating masturbator with VR compatibility. Sync with Sense VR headset and SenseNow App to let your senses take control. Responsive Grip, Soft outer housing and ergonomic shape for superb feel and excellent control. 5 vibrating modes and 18 speeds. Engage airlock system for that "just right" feeling. Happier endings- hit the MAX button to elevate your experience. Indulge yourself aquatically as unit is waterproof. Innovative stand and removable sleeve make the SenseTube super easy to clean and dry. Materials: Silicone and Ultra Soft TPE. Specifications: Size: 185 x 91.5 x 71 mm.Inner sleeve diameter range 25-45 mm. Inner sleeve max depth 150 mm. 2 hour charge provides up to 2.5 hours of use on middle speed. Signal range: 15 meters 1 year warranty

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