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Second Skin Leggins


3 in 1 lightweight shapewear – shape, slim and tone in total comfort.

Cosmetic Features

Second Skin Bike Shorts are stretchy and comfortable. Second Skin Bike Shorts will mold to your body and work for you as you go throughout your busy day. Each  Second Skin Bike Shorts include a microcapsule that contains all-natural active ingredients that will work in your favor throughout your busy day and night up to 20 washes.

  • Slimming and Cellulite Reduction Benefits: Caffeine combined with Cedrol stimulate fat burning and help efficiently reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  • Skin Restructuring Benefit: Shea Butter, Brown Algae and Inca Inchi Oil nourish & improve the skin elasticity leaving skin softer.

Fabric Features

Light compression garments with specific ultra comfortable and discreet fabric that feels like a second skin for everyday wear. Intelligent fabric: ultra comfortable, breathable and non binding.

Clinical Studies Reviews

A natural alternative for reduction of varicose veins and ideal for traveling.
The most efficient solution to relieve tiered, heavy and swollen legs. Top quality 40D hosiery made in Italy!



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