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Cloud Berry Hyaluronic Acid Trio

Cloud Berry Hyaluronic Acid Trio

Cloud Berry is highly beneficial to skin for many reasons. The fruit itself contains Omega 3 and 6, carotene, Vitamins A, C and E, phytoserals, and antioxidants. This all contributes to strengthening the skin and fighting oxidative damage to the skin. 

This trio contains the Cloud Berry Facial Oil, Day & Night Cream and Eye Serum. 

Facial Oil: Massage 2 to 3 drops onto a cleansed face and neck, morning and night. 
Day & Night Cream: After cleansing, smooth into your face and neck in circular motions. 
Eye Serum: Apply a small drop to finger tips and massage under the eyes. Can also be applied to the brow bone for lifting effect.

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