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Olivia's Boudoir Bath Salts are made from pure Himalayan Pink Salt and nutrient-rich Dead Sea Salt. These salts a known for their soothing, relaxing and skin softening  properties.

Caribbean Mist is paradise found with its luscious scent of fresh mango intertwined with tropical island coconut.

The sensual layers of jasmine, amber, musk and sandlewood make Pink Cashmere a blissful fragrance.

Rose Petals is just as its name states..the classic scent of dozens of fresh roses.

Passion Flower is a flirty fragrance created from the fusion of fresh orange, jasmine, cherry & peach blossoms.

French Vanilla is warm, soothing & delectable. The aroma of fresh vanilla beans & pure cane sugar mixed in perfect harmony.

Magical splashes of ocean surf and layers of sea breeze go into creating this earthly Celestial Water scent

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