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I know maybe for some of you this is so weird and already by just reading the title you said in your head "hell no".  But let's start by the most important and shocking  part : it is doctor recommended! Yes, the doctors are recommending women to use vibrators for decades now,  actually they invented them.  And not because it is actually satisfying to have a little time for themselves (which in fact is the most common answer any mom will give if you ask them what do they miss about not being a mom) nor it is because an orgasm is a great way to relief all the stress a mom has (a type of mental plus physical stress that produces an overwhelmed feeling of exhaustion that  you could only understand after being a mom too) and neither it is because after labor many women just don't feel as them sexual selves. No I am not referring about all of those. Then what? Why would a doctor want your mom to use a vibrator? The answer is simple: because if you don't use it you will loose it, literally! 

Middle age or older women tend to become sexually inactive whether because they become single, divorced, widowed or just because they are not having regular sex with their partners.After giving birth many moms just stop caring for their sexual health. But a women's sexual health should  never be overlook. Vaginas are like any other muscle, it needs to be kept healthy with regular exercises, in this case the infamous kegels. Kegels exercises help maintain the pelvic floor "strong", this is important because the  pelvic floor supports the uterus, bladder, small intestine and even the rectum. Having a strong or "fit" pelvic floor helps to  avoid embarrassing accidents, like bladder leakage, gas, or stool by accident, all of these while improving orgasms. So this is a practice every woman should be into no matter the age range.  

This is why obstetricians and gynecologists  are recommending to patients with menopausal and  post-menopausal symptoms to try out vibrators.  Vibrators that are used internally stimulate pelvic blood flow. One way to achieve vaginal health is by using either vibrating kegel balls or a internal vibrator that with its regular use will  increase vaginal moisture and boosts sexual response, all of which makes sex (with or without a partner) better. Menopause causes vaginal tissue to get drier because of a decrease in the production of estrogen and the muscles can also atrophy, which is common for most women that do not prevent or treat their symptoms.  So many doctors suggest menopausal patients to use a vibrator regularly because of it's benefits to their health. 

This is why every mother should have a vibrator it is good for their health! Most women don't feel the confidence to talk about this issues with the doctor.  Usually women think that any sexual related topic is still an embarrassing subject to bring up.  So instead of just adding more pain and suffering to one of the most hated stages of a woman's life give it a turn and give a mother this year a gift that she will appreciate for the rest of her life. Vibrators were invented centuries ago and doctors are still recommending it, please stop thinking that vibrators are something to be ashamed of. Vibrators will make any mother happy and healthy. 

A mother deserves the best top quality medical grade products out there specially if she is going to be using the vibrator as recommended (which is three to four times a week, with the use of a lubricant and a toy cleaner)  so here are the links were you may buy the top products doctors are recommending online no need to go to a store! We strongly suggest  buying  the "Mom Love" set of the month that has 5 top products that will make any mother feel sexy, including a satin sexy robe. And because we want to make this gift  extra special, make sure you add to your order the gift wrapping item, and please let us know in the note section of your checkout what  custom message you would like.

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