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Hot Gifts Ideas for Couples on X-Mas!

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Christmas is here and we do not want the cold to enter your relationship! Here are some gift ideas that promise to keep your relationship warm this Christmas:

Couples who are starting their relationship:

If you want to give your partner unforgettable kisses use a lip gloss like Oral Pleasure($ 15) Your partner will feel a hot tingling sensation anywhere you kiss. Yes, in any part of your body! 

Workaholic couples:

Your partner deserves a prize for all the hard work she has done all year  so give her a toy that makes her relax and feel like a celebrity when she receives the first vibrating diamond in the world ($ 69).

Distance Relationship:

Keeping intimacy alive in a relationship at a distance can be a challenge, but with this interactive man masturbator you can feel closer than ever. Through a controlled and secure application you give your partner access so he can see you on camera and can control the movements of the toy. ($ 260)

Organic Couples:

For couples who love everything organic and natural, the first biodegradable vibrator is available! Have your orgasms with a green conscience. Do not forget to add the organic lubricant with the USDA stamp that you will love! ($ 35)

 If your partner loves games with this inflatable wrestling ring you can take the relationship to a more erotic game. ($ 80) The possibilities are unlimited when you let the imagination run with  everything you can do in it! Combine it with our massage oils to make it more fun and slippery! 

Classic Couples:
 This type of couple finds it difficult to leave their comfort zone but you can start with a perfume with pheromones that will make your partner feel more sensual and attractive ($ 60)

Daring couples:

These couples are always looking for something innovative to do or have and what better than this innovative vibrator that you can wear on your neck as it works as an accessory too! ($ 85)


If you need help finding the perfect gift for your partner send us an email at we do custom packages too! 


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