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Intimate Areas Bleaching

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Dark spots on the skin can sometimes make you feel uncomfortable with your body when having intimacy moments.  But now you may  use products that will lighten the skin of your  privates parts with the convenience of doing it at home. 

The reality is this skin has to be treated regularly to the color of choice which means it is not a permanent result. 

Here are the frequently asked questions and answer taken from Pink Privates (Buy it at this page under cosmetics)

1. Will Pink Privates work on ALL skin types?
The Pink Privates is formulated for use on all skin types and applicable to sensitive, intimate areas.

2. Is Pink Privates applicable to darker skin tones?
Yes, Pink Privates may be applied to darker skin tones. However, keep in mind that it may take longer to obtain or see results.

3. Is Pink Privates formulated for use by both Women and Men?
Pink Privates is formulated for both sexes and is intended to help whiten the look of the overall skin tone.

4. Can Pink Privates cause irritation to my intimate or sensitive areas?
Pink Privates is formulated for application to intimate and sensitive areas. However, as with any product a chance of irritation may be possible. You should avoid application of the product just after shaving. Please review the product ingredients to ensure you are not sensitive to one of the ingredients contained in the product. If irritation is to occur, wash the area with soap and water immediately and discontinue use of the product.

5. How soon before I may see results?
It is recommended to follow the directions for use, with application twice daily. The application process should be continued for a continuous 8 weeks to see the results you are able to obtain from use of the product. Most results are seen within the first 8 weeks of use.

6. Can I stop using Pink Privates once I obtain the results I'm looking for?
It is recommended to use Pink Privates continuously to maintain results. Once the product is no longer applied, the appearance of the skin tone may return to its original state. Pink Privates cannot change the appearance of your skin tone permanently.

7. Does Pink Privates contain any harmful ingredients?
No, the Pink Privates does not contain any ingredients like Hydroquinone or Mercury. Pink Privates is a paraben-free formula.

If you have more questions lets us now and we will help you in this bleaching process. 

Have a pink day! 







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